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LPS Nr. 242


Inhaltsverzeichnis LPS-242

Postal Links of the German Grenzschutz in Lithuania in 1919

Dr. Vytautas Doniela

The history of the largest known block of the 1935 Vaitkus Transatlantic Flight overprint

Dr. Vitaly Geyfman

Unlisted “proofs” of the early independent Lithuania issues of 1991

Dr. Vitaly Geyfman

Darius and Girėnas Crash Covers

Audrius Brazdeikis

Single Hole Punched Perfins

Dr. John Neefus

The Maps and Mapmakers that Helped Define 20th-Century Lithuanian Boundaries - Part 1:
Administrative Boundaries of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Just Before the Partition of 1772

Andrew Kapochunas

PHILLIT publishes final issue - Paskutinis PHILLIT numeris

Audrius Brazdeikis

Hirotaka Araki

John Variakojis

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